Welcome to Pearson Kitchen Manager!

The Pearson Kitchen Manager online database is a valuable resource for food enthusiasts and chefs alike, featuring a vast collection of recipes from best-selling Pearson textbooks used by today’s top culinary schools. With over 5,000 recipes, Pearson Kitchen Manager allows cooks to truly maximize the value of their recipe content.

The key features of this program include:

Recipe Library:

  • More than 5,000 recipes from best-selling Pearson titles such as On Cooking, On Baking, ACF Garde Manger, International Cooking, American Regional Cooking, and Food for Fifty.
  • Searchable by text chapter, course, cuisine, and cooking method.
  • Finished plate photographs for many recipes.

Recipe tools:

  • Print recipes
  • Scale recipe by Yield Quantity, Yield Unit, and # of Servings.
  • U.S.- Metric conversions
  • Nutrition Analysis
  • Create a shopping list organized by category.
  • Edit any Pearson recipe and Save as your own.

Recipe Costing:

  • Real-world recipe cost analysis powered by Ingredient Database containing cost, unit conversions, and yield % data.
  • Kitchen Manager calculates Total Recipe Cost and Cost per Serving.
  • Food Cost %, Menu Price, and Gross Margin auto-calculate with entry in one field.
  • Change serving size within recipe costing window and see change to Cost Per Serving

Recipe Format and Entry:

  • Ability to enter recipe quantities as whole numbers, decimals, and fractions.
  • Ability to enter recipe quantities as compound units, such as pound / ounce, and cup / tablespoon.
  • Protein Fabrication sub-recipes link meat, poultry, seafood items recipe portions to whole item.


  • Easily add recipes to a new or existing menu.
  • Menu Costing tools mirror the Recipe Costing tools.
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